Best Fantasy Book Series

Best Fantasy Book Series

We're on a quest to find the best fantasy series ever written. Throughout our travels we're documenting the treasures we find so we can share the riches with you. We're also mapping out the dangers and pitfalls lurking in the darkness of the fantasy book shelves.

Inside the pages of this site you'll find great fantasy authors, series, and books ranked by our exclusive rating criteria. The highest ratings go to those with compelling stories, fantastic characters, imaginative worlds, interesting plots, delightful humor, thought provoking philosophy, pleasing prose, and of course -- good grammar.

As you look at our reviews, you'll find our honest opinions regardless of the source of the book or how well the book was received by the public. Our lists contain traditionally published, self-published, and indie authors so you can see how new authors stack up to the old guard. In our search for good books we've been pleasantly surprised by many self-published authors. We've also been disappointed by trade published authors. For the most part, we're looking for new authors that haven't been discovered yet. That means most of our reviews will be of independent writers who self-publish. We're hoping that our lists will help you find good art and avoid the junk.


For Authors

If we haven't reviewed your work you can request a review and we'll give you our thoughts.

If you didn't like the rating given to your work please remember that good books get a 2.5 star rating, very good books receive 3 stars, and excellent books rate near 4 stars. In order to get close to a 5 star rating your book will have to be extraordinary fantasy. It must take us into a whole new world in a visionary and philosophical way. We want a deep understanding of your imaginary universe composed with beautiful prose.

Our reviews are meant to help authors become better writers. If we don't like your book as much as you do please take some time to consider the suggestions we gave in our critique. And most important -- remember that our opinion doesn't matter much in the grand pattern of the cosmos. Afterall, we could be wrong.