Best Fantasy Book Series

Best Fantasy Books

These are the books we consider to be the very best in the fantasy genre. The authors of the books at the top of this list have created an exceptional work. The best stories have magic, new worlds, conflict, and characters all woven together in a way that kept us up too late at night with weary eyes. Books rated near 4 stars are remarkable works. Books above 4 stars have done something extra in character development, world building, or story telling. You'll also find books above 4 stars that have beautiful prose, great humor, or philosophical ideas that make us understand a new world in a thought provoking way. We consider 2.5 stars good and above 3 stars very good.

Please note; the books in this list are sorted by their individual ranking without regard to where they fit in a series. So book five in a ten book series might be listed above book one.

Book Series Series Book Number Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
The Silver Portal Weapons of Power 1 David J. Normoyle No 379 2016
The Call of the Crown The Dragon Oracles 1 T. J. Garrett No 494 2014
Fire and Ice Icefire Trilogy 1 Patty Jansen No 314 2013
The Wolf of the North The Wolf of the North 1 Duncan M. Hamilton No 326 2016
The Republic of Thieves The Gentleman Bastard Sequence 3 Scott Lynch No 706 2013
The Queen’s Poisoner The Kingfountain Series 1 Jeff Wheeler No 336 2016
The Magicians The Magicians Trilogy 1 Lev Grossman No 434 2009
The King's Peace The Dark and the White 1 Kevin Hammond No 230 2013
Dawn of Wonder The Wakening 1 Jonathan Renshaw No 712 215
The Drosselmeier Chronicles: The Solstice Tales Stand Alone Book 1 Wolfen M No 124 2017