Best Fantasy Book Series

Best Fantasy Books

These are the books we consider to be the very best in the fantasy genre. The authors of the books at the top of this list have created an exceptional work. The best stories have magic, new worlds, conflict, and characters all woven together in a way that kept us up too late at night with weary eyes. Books rated near 4 stars are remarkable works. Books above 4 stars have done something extra in character development, world building, or story telling. You'll also find books above 4 stars that have beautiful prose, great humor, or philosophical ideas that make us understand a new world in a thought provoking way. We consider 2.5 stars good and above 3 stars very good.

Please note; the books in this list are sorted by their individual ranking without regard to where they fit in a series. So book five in a ten book series might be listed above book one.

Book Series Series Book Number Author Rating Must Read Number of Pages Year Published
A Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire 1 George R. R. Martin Yes 819 1996
Gardens of the Moon Malazan Book of the Fallen 1 Steven Erikson Yes 666 1999
The Eye of the World The Wheel of Time 1 Robert Jordan Yes 832 1990
Wizard's First Rule The Sword of Truth 1 Terry Goodkind Yes 848 1995
Death's Merchant Common Among Gods 1 Justan Henner Yes 1278 2017
The Path of Flames Chronicles of the Black Gate 1 Phil Tucker Yes 387 2016
The Bagman Abigail Cobble Trilogy 1 Rachael McKay Yes 82 2013
Assassinís Apprentice The Farseer Trilogy 1 Robin Hobb Yes 464 1995
The Way of Kings The Stormlight Archive 1 Brandon Sanderson Yes 607 2010
Altdorf The Forest Knights 1 J. K. Swift No 321 2013
The Lies of Locke Lamora The Gentleman Bastard Sequence 1 Scott Lynch Yes 736 2006
Wrong Side of Hell The DeathSpeaker Codex 1 Sonya Bateman Yes 288 2016
The Mirror of Her Dreams Mordantís Need 1 Stephen R. Donaldson No 654 1986
The Ghost Princess Graylands 1 M. Walsh No 326 2015
Escape From Bythos Chronicles of the Black Gate 0 Phil Tucker No 110 2016
Red Seas Under Red Skies The Gentleman Bastard Sequence 2 Scott Lynch No 760 2007
Dragonís Trail The Outworlders 1 Joseph Malik No 470 2016
Prince of Thorns The Broken Empire 1 Mark Lawrence No 389 2011
Eye of the Storm Stand Alone Book 1 Frank Cavallo No 402 2016
Enchantress The Evermen Saga 1 James Maxwell No 626 2014