Best Fantasy Book Series

Best Fantasy Authors

This list speaks for itself. It is a list of the best fantasy authors we've read. It has both traditionally published, self-published, and independent authors. That way you get to see how indie writers stack up against the greats in the genre. Anyone who scores 2.5 stars or above makes it to this list. We consider 2.5 stars good, 3 stars very good, and above 4 stars as exceptional. Click on the author's picture or name to see what attributes gave them their rating.

Author Rating Must Read
Robert Jordan Yes
Steven Erikson Yes
Terry Goodkind Yes
George R. R. Martin Yes
Justan Henner Yes
Phil Tucker No
Rachael McKay Yes
Brandon Sanderson Yes
Robin Hobb Yes
J. K. Swift No
M. Walsh No
Sonya Bateman Yes
Scott Lynch Yes
Joseph Malik No
Mark Lawrence No
Frank Cavallo No
David J. Normoyle No
James Maxwell No
T. J. Garrett No
Patty Jansen No
Jeff Wheeler No
Lev Grossman No
Kevin Hammond No
Stephen R. Donaldson No
Jonathan Renshaw No
Wolfen M No
Terry Brooks No